As we mentioned in this article earlier this year, there are plenty of important jubilees and anniversaries to celebrate this year. One of them will be the 70th anniversary of UK perfect replica Rolex’s most important sports watch, the Submariner, born in 1953. Rolex has demonstrated in its recent history that it can celebrate important milestones with special models – think about the 50th-anniversary cheap fake Rolex Submariner Kermit reference 16610LV with its green bezel or the 50th-anniversary Daytona in platinum. However, commemorative models aren’t always made by the brand. Nevertheless, for its 70th anniversary, we expect the top super clone Rolex Submariner to get a brand new version… And one that could be an absolute killer watch!

As part of these AAA replica Rolex Predictions 2023, we’re imagining a new edition of the Submariner Date watch, which could benefit from a recent move made by the brand, the use of titanium, with an alloy named RLX Titanium, first seen on the mighty and ultra-robust Deepsea Challenge 126067 – one of the world’s most impressive commercially available dive watches. Of course, the use of titanium on this beast of a watch made complete sense due to its massive dimensions and the need for resistance. But what if luxury replica Rolex UK would be willing to bring a lightweight, more instrumental-looking edition of its cult dive watch…? The result, as we envisioned it, is this watch.
What can we say about this possible 1:1 fake Rolex Submariner Titanium 70th Anniversary – which could be the reference 126617LB, according to the usual Rolex nomenclature? First of all, we don’t expect any changes regarding the overall design and specifications.

The aaa quality replica Rolex Submariner, as we know it today, is a fairly recent model that was revamped in 2020. The base would be the classic Date model, with its 41mm diameter and calibre 3235. The updates would regard the use of RLX Titanium for the case and bracelet and a new colour scheme. The colour green, which has once been associated with the 50th-anniversary copy watch, is now part of the permanent collection. So for a change, we decided to bring a full blue version – dial and bezel – as a new combination that isn’t available now. And because we’re allowed to be creative, we gave it a red Swiss made fake Rolex Submariner on the dial. And, of course, a fully brushed case and bracelet (but why not some polished bevels on the sides, like the Deepsea Challenge?).

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