His and Hers UK Best Quality Replica Rolex Daytonas Watches

I had a chance to meet Chef Ly at the opening of his new restaurant, and while I’m no food critic I’ll take a page out of James Stacey’s book and just say…chef’s kiss. While I was eating my little vegetarian heart out, Ly approached me to say hello and the first thing I noticed was the white-dial, ceramic perfect fake Rolex Daytona adorning his wrist. This was a copy watch guy, and I had to know his origin story.

Not many couples have the distinct pleasure of owning his and hers pieces – but Ly and Yen do in the form of a rose gold 1:1 fake Rolex Daytona UK on a bracelet and a yellow gold model with the flat black dial and red accents – the modern Paul Newman – on an Oysterflex bracelet.

“These two best quality fake Rolex watches I bought together because we got reviewed in The New York Times and it was such a milestone for us,” Ly says. “We were the first Vietnamese restaurant to be reviewed by Pete Wells, so I bought these Swiss made replica watches to commemorate that memory – me and my wife’s achievement.”

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