UK High Quality Rolex GMTs Replica Watches

It has recently been reported that perfect replica Rolex UK have filed for a patent that mentions the production of black and red ceramic bezels.
Rumours have been circling in the watch world that luxury fake Rolex are struggling with the production of their blue & red ‘Pepsi’ bezels.

Other aaa quality replica Rolex GMT bezels are made in colour first and then half is turned black to give it its two tone effect.

Although this is all speculation at the moment, as a business we have noticed a decrease in the amount of Pepsi’s coming through over the past 12 months.

This leads us to believe that the production challenge lies in turning the red to blue, so a red to black ‘Coke’ bezel could be introduced to replace the high quality replica Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’.

If we could only see one of our concepts brought to life, it would be this one. After the discontinuation of the cheap super clone Rolex Daytona’s last year, the white gold GMT Pepsi is the only sports model left to feature the spectacular Meteorite dial.

With the rumoured difficulties in producing the Pepsi bezels we mentioned earlier, this model may have to be discontinued alongside it. We are huge fans of the meteorite dial and would love to see its addition to the full rose gold ‘Root Beer’ Rolex replica for sale UK.

Mining of the Gibeon meteorite was banned in 2004, making supply incredibly limited. Every meteorite dial is ‘piece unique’ and although we have seen a number of top quality replica watches use it over the years, no two dials will ever be the same. In order to not exhaust their supply, it’s unlikely this would be released, although we would undoubtedly love to see it.

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