UK Best Quality Replica Rolex Submariner ref. 16808 “Tropical Dial”

The last pick for this list is a perfect replica Rolex Submariner. But it’s not one of the classic stainless steel Submariners with a once-black dial that turned into a brown Tropical dial. No, this is an all-yellow-gold Sub with a blue bezel and what used to be a blue dial. However, as you can see, that has changed quite drastically. The dial has changed to a warm honey color, and at first glance, you would think that Swiss made fake Rolex UK had intended it that way.

The cheap super clone Rolex ref. 16808 was in production from 1978/79 until 1988. Along with its stainless steel brother ref. 16800, it represents the first generation of the modern Submariner with a sapphire crystal and applied indices filled with lume.

Inside the 40mm gold case, Swiss movement replica Rolex equipped this Submariner with its caliber 3035. The automatic movement featured a quickset date and a 42-hour power reserve. But the story of the UK 1:1 fake Rolex Submariner ref. 16808 is all about the dial color. It’s a reference that is known for its “Tropical” dial. The original blue dial would discolor from blue to green or purple, but few discolored so much that they would turn into a color almost matching the gold of the case and bracelet.

It’s worth checking out all the different discolored dials of the gold aaa quality replica Rolex ref. 16808 and witnessing some of the unintended magic. As you would expect, these special watches do not come cheap. Expect to see asking prices between roughly €30K and €70K, depending on the condition of the Swiss movement replica Rolex. What you get in return might be one of the most unique Tropical dials we have seen from The Crown.

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