Cheap Rolex Milgauss Replica Watches For Sale UK

Because of the limited supply of good 6541s and the lacking sex appeal of the “scientist’s watch,” (regardless of how sexy I might find a lab coat), the market on the perfect fake Rolex Milgauss hasn’t moved much in the past couple of decades. Before the $2.5 million result in May, the record for a cheap replica Rolex Milgauss UK at auction was a 6541 that sold for about $350,000, way back in 2013. Prices for excellent examples had hovered around this range for years, which is why, when Phillips placed an estimate of CHF 500,000 to 1 million on its luxury fake Rolex Milgauss, everyone was asking, “Could the Milgauss really be a million-dollar watch?” – regardless of how excellent the condition was.

In the end, it was a $2 million-plus copy watch, and it’s headed back home to a lucky buyer in Geneva. But dealers Lijfering and Shear were both quick to caution that this doesn’t really change the reality of the 1:1 fake Rolex Milgauss market for the rest of us. A big, one-off auction result is marketing as much as it represents a real market.

“It takes time for attention to crystallize and subsequently show a new market value,” Lijfering said. “A result like this does have an impact over time, but it doesn’t change the market dramatically in an instant.”

Shear added that he got about a dozen calls in the few days after the sale, from clients looking to sell their vintage Milgauss. He says we can probably expect more aaa quality replica Rolex Milgausses on the market over the next few months as owners see it as an opportunity to cash in.

“It doesn’t change the market for me in any way,” Shear said. “It just bolsters the concept that exceptional watches are in very high demand. And Swiss movement replica Rolex is buying exceptional watches at auction, which is nice to hear.” More on what might be next for the cheap super clone Rolex Milgauss in a moment.

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