The Newest Additions To The UK 1:1 Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Collection In Yellow Gold And Two-Tone (On Jubilee Bracelets)

So much of the fun of working in this business is the excitement leading up to a trade show like Watches & Wonders. We love to predict, to anticipate. And we do – and I did. If you read our predictions post ahead of the show you’ll see a lead image of a solid gold AAA fake Rolex GMT-Master II on a jubilee bracelet. Until 8:30 AM CEST, that watch didn’t actually exist…and now it does. No, I didn’t manifest it, but it is still cool to have (maybe for the only time) gotten something close to right.

And, to be honest, a solid yellow gold GMT and a Rolesor (steel and yellow gold two-tone) GMT are not necessarily surprising watches. In fact, they are watches you would just assume are already in the perfect replica Rolex collection because they should always be in the Rolex collection. And yet, they were not. For the past few years, if you wanted precious metal with your GMT, you were looking at Everose gold.
But that watch only comes on an Oyster bracelet (solid gold or two-tone). So that’s really the story with this new release today: UK Swiss made fake Rolex finally makes a precious metal GMT with a Jubilee bracelet and it’s HOT. I thought it was hot when I saw the announcement online, and my hands were practically on fire when I held it in real life this afternoon.

It’s exactly what you expect from a cheap replica Rolex GMT-Master in yellow gold, and that’s why I like it so much. It would have been easy for the brand to have overcomplicated this – adding too many touches of green, doing some out there bi-color bezel combo. Instead, the designers decided to keep it simple, and what we have is a handsome addition to the lineup.

The TL;DR of this watch is the YG material and the bi-color black and grey bezel (this being the first use of grey on a bezel insert from luxury super clone Rolex). And that’s sort of it. The most surprising part about it is that bi-color bezel, which is imperceptible in certain lighting conditions. And though I may have been more partial to an all-black bezel, I am not complaining about this release one bit.
The watch has all the heft you want in the solid gold variation and feels pleasantly light and wearable in two-tone though that may just be relative to the weight of the all-gold. In the end, it’s a watch that lacks the splashiness of an emoji top copy Rolex Day-Date but makes up for it with miles of pitch-perfect simplicity in both versions.

Every time I thought my preference was for the all-gold, I would spot the two-tone Rolex GMT-Master II replica for sale UK on the other end of the table and ask to see it a second and third time. It’s the sort of combo of Swiss movement replica watches where there’s no wrong choice (just a vast difference in price with the two-tone costing CHF 15,700, and the all-gold, CHF 37,100. Don’t tempt me with a good time.

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