Nicolas Brunschwig: New Chairman Of The Board Of Directors Of High Quality Fake Rolex Watches UK

As always at best Rolex replica watches, things are done discreetly… Thus, Bertrand Gros, 72, a lawyer by training and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rolex retired last July and was replaced by the man Swiss businessman Nicolas Brunschwig. A new era.

As we know, at UK luxury Rolex fake watches, information is distilled in dribs and drabs. Discreetly. Thus, according to a recent article in the American newspaper Bloomberg, we learn that Bertrand Gros, chairman of the board of directors of Rolex for fifteen years, retired last July at the age of 72. Of course, no one has heard of it!

To replace him, the famous Geneva manufacturer appointed Nicolas Brunschwig as head of the board of directors of the crown brand last August. As a reminder, this 63-year-old man is the heir of the founder of the Bongénie-Grieder chain store. He had been on the board of 1:1 cheap replica Rolex watches since 2016.

It is estimated that Rolex produces around one million Swiss made Rolex copy watches per year; which does not seem sufficient given the current demand, but there is little chance that the brand will drastically increase its production in the years to come. And its turnover is estimated at around 8.5 billion Swiss francs.

As we know, the brand belongs to a single shareholder, the Hans Wilsdorf Foundation. In fact, it only reports to its sole shareholder… 2022 Rolex replica watches is currently managed by Jean-Frédéric Dufour, who was appointed head of Rolex by Bertrand Gros in 2014.

This new appointment is in line with the management of AAA wholesale Rolex super clone watches in recent years. Indeed, gradually and according to a long-term vision, the board of directors, in agreement with the general management, puts in place the future generation who will lead the company for the next 10 to 15 years.

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