The Incessant Increase In The Price Of 1:1 Luxury Fake Rolex Watches UK Could End – But There Is Still A Long Way To Go

For years it has been almost impossible to buy a watch from the Swiss luxury brands AAA replica Rolex or even Patek Philippe watches at the normal dealer price – and the used market has been calling for ever higher prices. A downward trend is finally emerging.

If you wanted to buy high quality Rolex fake watches up until around 2018 – and you didn’t decide on the most coveted models like a “Daytona” of all things – you could go to a jeweler, place an order and pick up the watch a few weeks or months later. Sometimes, as particularly small jewelers reported to the star, the watches even stood in the shop window for days – ready to be picked up!

All of this has been over since the beginning of the pandemic at the latest. The prices for all models from perfect UK Rolex replica watches and many watches from the noble manufacturer Patek Philippe rose and rose – because the watches had degenerated into an object of speculation and the manufacturers could no longer meet the demand.

If you are currently asking a jeweler about Swiss movements Rolex copy watches, you will continue to be smiled at, especially with models such as the “Daytona”, the “GMT-Master II”, the “Submariner” but also classics such as the “Datejust”. “That’s not our intention, and it’s not fun either,” justified a jeweler to the star. But: It is reality – all over the world, and completely independent of the motivation that moves customers to buy. Anniversary? Birth of a child? Hire back. The concessionaires – if they still do it – state the waiting times in years.

Now there is apparently some movement in the market, albeit cautiously at first. “Bloomberg” claims to have observed that the price of some watches is falling in parallel with the price of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. And indeed: According to “Chrono24” in March 2022, top replica Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116500ln watches cost an average of a whopping 51,000 euros, but prices have now fallen by an average of 10,000 euros. Individual offers from new best Rolex super clone watches from German dealers are even as high as 34,990 euros for the black dial, while the white version costs at least 36,950 euros. As a reminder: If you got the watch directly from a jeweler, the price would currently be 13,550 euros.

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